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How to link your PAN with your AADHAR

(Section 139AA of The IncomeTax Act)

It has been made mandatory to quote AADHAR number in Income TAX return & in PAN applications. Linking of PAN to AADHAR is also made mandatory and if PAN is not linked to AADHAR, department says that PAN will become invalid.

Its a very simple & easy process, so to avoid getting your PAN invalidated, link your PAN to AADHAR.

How to Link PAN to AADHAR?

Linking of PAN with AADHAR is quite a simple thing. Just try out any of the following and your PAN will be linked to your AADHAR:
  1. Option to link PAN to AADHAR is there at the right hand side of the e-filing portal of Income Tax. This option does not require logging on to your e-filing account. Just provide, PAN, AADHAR and name as per AADHAR and if the details match, PAN will be linked to AADHAR.
Copy & paste following URL in your browser and you will land directly onto the link AADHAR page:
  1. If you had provided your AADHAR while filing your Income Tax Return & the name as per PAN & AADHAR are same, your PAN will automatically be linked to your AADHAR. You can confirm it by logging on to your e-filing account & going to the option LInk AADHAR.
  1. Another Option to link PAN to AADHAR is available on your account at e-filing portal of Income Tax India. Just log in to your accoutn, Link AADHAR option is given at the drop down in Profile settings at the top blue row in your e-filing account.
Dont worry just follow any of the above options & your PAN will be linked to AADHAR

Section 139AA requires that every person who is eligible to have AADHAR must quote the same in-
  1. Application Forms for allotment of Permanent Account Number and
  1. the Income Tax Return
If someone does not have AADHAR, he/she needs to quote the Enrollment ID of AADHAR Application form.

Important points as per Section 139AA:
  • As per section 139AA you must have AADHAR if you want to file your Income Tax Return or want to apply for PAN. And if you do not have AADHAR, you need to immediately apply for AADHAR so that you can quote the application ID of AADHAR.
  • Every person who already holds a PAN as on 1st July 2017; must intimate their AADHAR to such authority in such form as may be prescribed on or before the prescribed date to be notified by Central Government. In simple words we need to link our PAN with AADHAR.
  • If you do not have AADHAR, apply now.
  • In case of failure to link your PAN with AADHAR the PAN allotted will be deemed invalid.
Central Government may notify the persons and/or States to which provisions of Section 139AA will not be applicable.I would love to here for a feed book or for a query. So do write to me at

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